We Empower People & Institutions To Leverage Passion for success

Every one of us has a drop of greatness in them. By discovering, developing and deploying passion, one can be an agent of change and leave a hall mark in our generation and beyond.

Sample world changers and institutions that are dominant in their sphere of influence. Examine them and you will discover they have one common denominator – Passion. It is the engine that powers achievement of objectives and life goals.

We draw inspiration from history makers who, against all odds, achieved their ultimate life dream. Modern day heroes like J.K. Rowling, Michael Jordan and Jack Ma among others, are among these.  Kenyan enterprises too including Suzie Beauty and Bonfire Adventures form part of the pool of case studies from which we draw our motivation from. This is what forms the core of our Passionpreneurship philosophy, through which we endow people with skills on how to pursue their passion and monetize it. In addition, we empower institutions to tap into passion for maximum output and operational efficiency.

Personal Branding Logix (PBL) Africa draws expertise, knowledge and skills from its pool of human resources that have excelled in both commercial and nonprofit sectors.

Our Philosophy

Our value system is built upon the principle of Passionpreneurship. Passionpreneurship is a philosophy where individuals discover their passion, develop it and deploy it to attain their vision and/or monetize it. Organizations too can harness this by creating an environment where members or employees exhibit their passion in their work routine resulting into enhanced productivity.


To be the preferred knowledge partner to enterprises in the African business environment through instilling principles of Passionpreneurship.


To empower businesses to flourish in the current commercial ecosystem by providing contemporary, practically proven expertise, knowledge and skills.