Enemies Are Vital In Life! ?

Many of us, out of stereotypic thinking, are conditioned to hate them who don’t love us. Either way, i have come to believe that indeed people who do not like or love us are a necessity in life. I know you will be surprised but it is a fact:

We all know the story of Joseph and his brothers. Were it not to have been a mouthy fellow and he continually told them about his dreams, how else would he have landed to be the Prime Minister and Strategist of the then most powerful Nation, Egypt?

Later on, his descendants lived in Egypt and a rogue King arose. Were it not for the Egyptians, who enslaved the Israelites, and caused God to send a saviour for them in Moses, how else would they have tasted of God’s heavenly food – manna? For your information, there is nowhere else where manna has been provided except in Israel’s sojourn in the desert towards Canaan. I bet it was historic and exquisite – thanks to their enemies the Egyptians!

Later on, Haman arose as an enemy of God’s people. And Mordecai, a mere beggar, was used by God to raise an orphan who became the Queen of a foreign land who rescued an entire nation, through her beauty!

What of David, the dirty, scraggy handsome shepherd boy? Who would have thought a huge seven foot giant and a super power nation could be felled by a slingshot? We know he later rose to be Israel’s most loved King and even the Almighty God testified of him as one who was after His heart. And He actually said that He had seen no other man after His own heart like the way David was!

What else can we say?
I have been a strong proponent of the view that to live peacefully and with prosperity, all i needed was weed my life of anyone who was an enemy. And i have been doing that without abandon!

But then, i look back through the Word of God and i feel challenged.

I need to change my mindset. I am even reminded about a Haman in my life, who even forced me to resign from my former job, only to transit to a better one! Actually, the new employer doubled up my pay, just as i had been asking God to do in case am to move to another job! Another went overboard to tarnish my name online not knowing that she was actually building my name with my then boss that even cemented the relationship between us resulting into another door opening!

Yeah, enemies are essential! Next time someone pisses you off, or really is onto your nerves, praise God. Maybe He is using them for some good. Do not hold back about your dreams – tell it to them, like Joseph. You never know, they may be the cause of your promotion or transition to a better YOU. Who knows, they may be doors to a better you!


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