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Are you an online entrepreneur and you have realised in most cases, your ads have no or very little impact? Most of us go through this and am sure I can provide a few hints on how best to get the best of the internet.

I am currently suffering from writers block but I will still type away anyway, at least to make the day count and fulfil my promise as I penned out last Friday.

Digital marketing: the current faze that everyone thinking business is into! When you put on your internet application on your computer or phone the first thing you would encounter is an ad by an up and coming entrepreneur. Some hit it big and others really miss it big time.

I opine that the best way to spread word about your product as an entrepreneur is through word of mouth. But this will require endless hours of personal contact during networking activities. It will require dedication and commitment in form of time and other resources. However, with utility of social media, all these inconveniences are done away with. The mode is efficient in terms of propagating your products over many people almost instantly and also, is the cheapest way to advertise. Facebook has close to 3 billion subscribers across all the contents. You can imagine, with one click, beaming a message across the world, in an instant reaching out to all these people simultaneously!

Inasmuch as this mode offers all these advantages, still many, as I have mentioned before, miss it. Take for instance them that put up contacts which are just that digits. You can imagine the frustration some potential buyers get into when they try to reach out to the seller through the contacts given and no one responds to their communication. Or worse off, the numbers are not going through! I have encountered this severally especially with webpages of firms who offer online retailing services. It would be worth it if firms did testing of their ads online through ghost shopping just to gauge the efficacy of their digital media campaigns.

But the most put off of any ad is if it fails to generate interest in the target audience. I consider it a waste of effort and time to produce an online media post that cannot generate any interest in the intended target niche. Most commonly, I see entrepreneurs having one standard write-up and a couple of pictures that they merely copy and paste onto different walls on social media. You can imagine if I subscribe to a wall and all I see is every day, the same write-up and pictures! It would not be inspiring at all. But if the same is tweaked a bit, maybe include a snippet or two about an area of interest, or maybe better, do an anecdote as a prelude to the main material and capture the same with a picture of a funny character or interesting picture, enough interest would be aroused to entice the social media user to delve into the ad and the message would be passed across. Actually, some companies have really worked on this and came out as specialists. Take Safaricom and KCB Bank Group for example. Each day, they have a thematic agenda they pursue in their posts and as such, as s faithful subscriber, you will always visit their page for an anecdote. They may, for instance, on a Thursday, knowing full well many Generation Y like looking back into their past, post an ad starting with a joke we used to do in those days of old just to arouse your attention. As you delve deeper into the teaser, you realise the message is passed across. There are many innovative ways one can arouse interest in their target audience to make their online ads more captivating. Explore and give it a shot.

Captivating the interest of online audiences is not enough. Domesticating them or ring fencing should be your ultimate aim. This, however, cannot be possible unless you have a website page of your products. Smart entrepreneurs have built simple, highly interactive websites that they utilise to interact with their potential and closed clients. Through this, you are sure you will be able from time to time engage your clients and contacts with information on your existing and future products. A business without a network of clients cannot thrive, especially in this day and age. Someone said that a good business looks for work, while smart businesses, look to build networks. With a website, one can be able to build a database of all their contacts and whenever they want to run a media blitz, the database would prove resourceful. People always love to interact with people they know and as such, with a database, it would be easy to sell your products to an audience you have interacted with before. Smart entrepreneurs actually publicise their webpages on other platforms using leading teasers that are linked to the web links of their websites. For instance, on a common social media page, they would do an enticing story and at the end, they would direct the reader to hit on a link which when hit, it directs the reader to their home page. If the page is interesting, it would seal a sales lead!

Lastly, always ensure you keep your promise. Let your brand promise what it can deliver. When you give a commitment to your potential and real clients, ensure you deliver. The biggest client chaser in todays world is lack of faithfulness in keeping the brand promise. Another common anomaly that goes with this is lack of empathy on the part of the firm. Customers love being listened to. They like being given an ear and appreciated. They dislike it when they raise complaints or concern and no one bothers to give them an ear. When a firm chooses to ignore them, they make the choice to move to the competition where that would be listened to. The general rule is that when the customer is crowned, they make the business king.

An example of a firm that failed to deliver on its brand promise is Jumia, the online shopping portal. When it was launched in Kenya, it was touted as a revolution. But starting in mid-2015, it seemed they were overwhelmed with their customer commitments and delays, breakage of orders was their order of the day. The result? They lost 100,000 customers in 2016 alone, resulting into the company posting a Kes. 12.5 Billion loss! That is the cost of not delivering on your brand promise!

Getting business online is the easiest and the most convenient of ways to do advertisement and promotion of products. But it requires wit, at times out of the book strategies to make it work. I consider the general rule to attract audience is to be wild-just do something different for at the end of the day, what stands out is what is uncommon, or is it not?


The Writer is the author of Passionpreneurship Demystified, Business Networking, & Face The Elephant, all best-selling business books. He is also a business and personal branding coach with PBL Africa and a career finance management professional. He is also a motivational speaker.


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