How To Effectively Make Money On Facebook

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Startups and nascent enterprises face a myriad of challenges, capital constraints and market penetration being some of them. However, with social media, most have been able to introduce their products into the market and even penetrate albeit with much struggle.

I bet, like myself, you have come across these ads posted on public walls advertising abut a product by sellers. But then are they really effective? It seems the script is to send to as walls as possible and this is really annoying at times.

So you don’t know how to make money through Facebook groups?

People have been asking me why content marketing does not work for their business and I have three major reasons for the:

  1.  You don’t write using a proven template that delivers.
  2. You are communicating the right message to the wrong audience.
  3. You fail to write compelling content that can convince anyone to buy your product.

I have had such an experience before – I set out to do an entrepreneurship masterclass for nascent entrepreneurs and got so many responses. Come the day of the training and none turned up. Actually a group of three came up and went away promising to be back and we never saw them again up until the time we had hired the hall lapsed.

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People are on social media to have fun. And most times, our friends and family may not be our target audience and that may render your content marketing strategies useless.

This means you can’t afford to ignore Facebook communities totally.

I’m sure you are wondering, what should you do?

I will explain this and assume you make and sell wigs…

Firstly, identify your target: men don’t wear wigs (unless they are a Supreme Court of Kenya Judge). You know your target market is women.

Secondly, find women communities: just search Facebook with women communities and you will find lots of them… Don’t go to communities where members are predominantly men. Women have the final say on things related to them.

Thirdly, come into the community to educate, entertain and create awareness. I did not say come and sell like somebody in Gikomba market….! Create content that educate women on about your products and business. Tell them why it’s better to wear cotton wigs than synthetic. Tell them the harms in wearing human hair/wig. Tell them how to wear a wig. Tell them how to make their wigs last. Tell them health implications of wearing wigs wrongly. Tell them the side effects of rivalry products to yours. Tell them…..

Leverage on fear as motivation to buy your product…

Sell happiness, promise and benefits not features.

Show that you care…

Have I written anything that warrants being kicked off? No! In fact, you won’t be salesy and spamy at all. You won’t even tell to buy from you. They will be the one to seek you out.

By creating actionable content on your products and services, they will trust you and will be eager to buy from you.

Enrich your content. Use pictures of your product in your content. Especially where your customers are rocking it.  Use your own pictures too because you are building your know like and trust.

Interact well with people who interact with your content. Send friends request. Send them a welcome note on messenger. Over time, your target audience will be many on your friends list. At the end of time, you will have a community of followers who would want to use your product. And that is when you pitch.

What this means is that it would demand you allocate time to create and post content. The time schedule too has to be right. Teenagers are never on Facebook during the start of the week. Most are on towards the weekends, for instance. And that is the most appropriate time to schedule your postings.

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Being rash about posts and posting onto hundreds of walls does not make and ad more effective. It demands strategy and proper planning.

As a by the way, you must have strategically placed your products and services on your wall for it to work well!

Happy selling!


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