Sometimes back I visited the Maasai Mara courtesy of an old customer of mine who insisted on giving me a complementary package for the support I gave his business. Since I was then working and living in Turkana, a desert County, I found it appropriate to take time off and so we flew to the Mara with my fiancé then.

Well, on the second day we went for a game drive in the morning and it was awesome seeing the animals in real life. All along, we had gotten used to seeing them on the silver screens and so it was awesomely exhilarating interacting with them one on one.

We passed some plains and onto the river basin of Mara River and I noticed many cows being herded by a small boy. I tried to look for another herder but funny enough, the boy took care of the animals on his own, in the vast game reserve. Maasai Mara is famed for the big five, including predators like lions and cheetahs that hunt and would not spare any herbivore they see around. Actually, a few metres from where the cattle were grazing, a pride of lions were lazing by, maybe enjoying the early rays of sunshine from the horizon.

I asked our guide if the boy is not afraid of the lions and other predators. He said the boy does not.

Ideally, Maasai boys are usually initiated into adulthood after proving their mettle. Before they are listed for initiation, they are sent into the bush and they are required to only come back with evidence of their fighting off a lion or other predator and coming back home with evidence of the conquest. In Kenya, they are required to return home with the head of a lion as trophy.


Because of this experience, the young morans (boy warriors) grow up with resilience and strong belief that they are capable of achieving any feat. Self-belief is ingrained in them.  They grow up that they can, no matter what. And it is this same spirit they venture with into the wild, with nothing but a spear in hand.

In the same vein, this is what we need in life. Most of the times we shy away from making advances in life because we are too afraid to take risks. Risk prevents us from making the ultimate step into our destinies and moving up. Like the Maasai morans, we need to train our psychologies that even if we are aware of the dangers out there, we still can overcome them. They say our dreams are always on the other side of fear. It is until we learn to conquer fear that we will win.

That interview, that business engagement, that venture you are thinking of undertaking, that girl or boy you fear saying hallo to, that one step you fear taking is the ultimate crossing point into your destiny. Gather up courage and still your heart with the ‘I can’ call and go ahead!

Do it.

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