Making the Most of 2018 Resolutions

Having put the year that was 2017 behind us,  many yesterday ushered in the new one in style.  Many who have never stepped into church the whole year went to start a new life closer to God.  Many more even went ahead and noted down New Year resolutions,  those homongous lists of to-do things that never ever come to be!

I purposed to just sit down and decide what i needed to accomplish in 2018. This time round,  i chose not to do a list.  I have religiously been doing it and nothing has been realised from it.  Last year i did not do a list but purposed in my heart to pursue three broad life objectives.  I look back and am happy that i exceeded expectations. I am proud of my 2017.

So what would i advice?  

Your life has four major needs: need for personal development or learning,  spirituality,  wellness or health and finally,  financial prosperity.

Decide what one thing you would wish to accomplish in each of these four major areas.  The lesser the number of objectives, the better.  In the Fox and the Hog fable by Isaiah Berlin,  it was observed that foxes were never effectively successful at what they do as much as hogs.  Hogs chose to do one thing and pursued it to completion.  I would ask of you: what is your one thing this year?  Note that down.

After noting down your broad objectives,  under each,  note down one specific objective you will dedicate your life to pursuing.  For example,  under wellness,  i have been at my doctor’s cross hairs every time i go for a medical review on weight matters.  I have purposed to reduce my weight this year.  I have purposed not to add any weight by halfing my daily sugar intake.  Sounds sensible,  right? Under financial needs,  i would wish to diverisfy my incomes.  I purpose to set up my PBL Africa corporate website and productisize my gift of speaking and coaching.

Thirdly,  once you have made your specific objectives,  it would be wise to decide what exactly you would do under each objective to facilitate its attainment.  This will firm up your 2018 resolutions and ensure you create a behaviour pattern to ensure all your objectives are met.

Fourth,  ensure all your objectives are time barred.  Set timelines that would help you keep a track of what has been achieved,  what is in progress and what is yet to be worked on.  Every often,  ensure you consult this list to ensure it is up to date.  The best way is to write the objectives where you can be viewing them from time to time.  I do that in my year diary on the furst page. In 2016, i pasted the list on my wardrobe door so that each time i go to dress for the day,  i would remind myself of my resolutions!

Trust me,  going to pray in church and making humongous declarations won’t bring about any meaningful change in your life. Writing some long list won’t work either until you create a workable mechanism that infuses action in them.

Personally i have decided that 2018 will be an even grandier year.  Hope we will meet here to celebrate our achievements!

Good luck. ?

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  • Andre Kariithi

    Hi Michael. This is a brief and practical approach to making New year Resolution meaningful and attainable.

    I came across another useful article on developing a 5-year plan on Pinterest which I share here because it was a huge help to me as I was setting up my 2018 resolutions:

    Could yu be so kind as to share an example of a workable mechanism you use.

    • Thanks for your acknowldement Andre Kariithi. Personally i like noting down all my resolutions and have a reminding system in place to help me track amd review progress. If you can, have an accountability partner whom you will share the resolutions with and he helps you keep up with progress.

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