Monkey Business : Be Dapper!! 

I am trying to see how to start this write up but i guess i have figured out a way.

Have you heard of this story about monkeys and bananas? I bet you know monkeys have a love for things bananas.  Well, it is said that if you place money and bananas before a monkey, it will gleefully go for the bananas and leave out the cash.  It is obvious as i said, monkey have a thing for bananas!
But then, cash can be used to buy even more bananas. Better still, if they had the wisdom, they would take the cash, go do business and multiply it to earn more and enhance their power to acquire what they love most – bananas!
Last month i read a rather sad story of a former acquaintance – he wrote an open letter to the President of Kenya, complaining that despite being learned, he was unemployed.  In the missive, he enumerated four of his siblings who had likewise gone through college and earned their papers but were jobless, many years after graduation.  Okay, we are aware that unemployment is a big issue in Africa and Kenya is no exception.  But then, should that be the reason why many should languish in lack of gainful employment of worthy income sources? Maybe it is time we should have a sincere conversation about why we attend school – is it to earn a paper qualification to get you a job or is it otherwise?
Maybe we should contextualize it in business terms: when you go into business,  what is your objective?  Many do business for money and hence,  their ultimate objective is to generate cash flows and live comfortable lifestyles. We call them lifestyle entrepreneurs.  Others do it because they want to replicate what other people do. This is actually seeking the bananas rather than grabbing cash in seen in our analogy.

It would wise for us to critically get into thinking before we commit to any undertaking.  It is called looking at the ‘bigger picture’.
Why do you really want to go into business?  Why are you a student,  for instance?  Is it to just go through the system and earn a paper certificate?  Why do you really live on earth?  Is it to just exist or to live?  A living being is alive – it responds to stimuli and adopts,  surmounting challenges. It even goes to an extent of moulding the environment it lives in to ensure it fits it.  An existing being or object shapes the environment around it and adopts to it.
A dapper monkey is smart – it appreciates it loves bananas. It would forfeit instant gratification in exchange for longevity. It knows that by selecting cash offered to it,  it would transact and multiply the seed cash to create more value and wealth and enable it survive beyond the moment.
Likewise,  a wise student would study with an objective – to build his skills and competency. To him,  the paper certificate is an additional benefit beyond his competencies. They dont go to college to study,  they go to college to be transformed into a universal thinker and local actor. They have a vision board that guides them on their daily routine towards achieving their objective.
A wise entrepreneur would not go for cash returns,  which are short lived. He creates value and constantly innovates to build a loyal client base and brand that will last. Coca Cola is an example. When it was founded in 1896, it sold an average of nine servings per day.  Today,  it does 9.6 million bottles per day! A wise entrepreneur does not start a business – they build brands!
So,  then,  would you rather be the monkey that picks the bananas or the cash?  The choice is yours to make. But then,  The Passionpreneur here advices you be the dapper monkey!
Wouldn’t you?

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