Of Foxes And Hogs

Just amazed that it has taken me more than a week and a half to think through just four core objectives of this year.  Previously,  before i learnt the Fox and Hog Fable lessons,  i would do more than ten New Year resolutions even before the previous year comes to a close.  Well,  it seems with age,  i have become wiser…

Come to think of it, Isaiah Berlin, a 13th Century English philosopher studied human beings and classified them into two major groups: foxes and hendgehogs.

Foxes are known to be cunning.  They are energetic and can run after several objectives at once.  They hunt prey,  hedgehogs included.  Hedgehogs/hogs on the other hand are sluggish.  They are never in a hurry to reach a destination. When attacked by foxes,  they only know one way to defend themselves – rolling up into a ball and expose their spiky exterior.  The foxes would be beaten to the game and try another way, this time running away and hiding and once he is sure the hog is up and walking around,  he attacks the hog.  The hog would again fold up in self defence.  This way,  hogs use that one skill to defend themselves against prey.  The fox gets outwitted bespite his numerous ways to achieve his objective and finally gives up the chase.

In real life,  foxes would try many ways to achieve a single objective.  They pursue many things at once and this makes their achievement of goals very hard and ineffective.  Hogs are slow and meticulous – their rates of goal achievement are high and very efficient.  They concentrate on their “One Thing”.

I learnt this principle and purposed to apply it in my life last year before teaching others through my #Passionpreneurship programs and it worked.  Against momentous odds,  even my career life transformed totally.

We are starting a new year….. It is still very young,  would you rather be a hog or a fox?  The ball is in your court – hit it and score well!

Won’t you? ?

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