The Power of Self Branding

If i ask you which country between Sudan and Egypt is known for pyramids, i know obviously you will shout back “Egypt”!.

Or maybe between Sharks and deers which are most fatal and deadly, you’d scream “Sharks!”.

But it is surprising that data on the ground proves otherwise. Sudan has the most number of pyramids whilst deers kill more people that Great White Sharks in any year! Surprising, yeah?

But then, that is the power of selling. Selling has an effect of making one sell ice to an eskimo, sand to an arab or even water to a fish in the ocean, when it is so obviously available in plenty. Selling has the power to even create things as if they are when they are not. It is all about branding!

As a person, what have you done to make yourself known in a certain way? If you do a self analysis, do you realise any defect, maybe limitation that is working against your progress? What are you going to do differently to communicate the right message to your target audience?

Creating an exquisite personal identity and brand requires a lot of effort and determination since it may demand a total change over. You will have to change your mannerisms and attitude. It will require you even change your social attributes. It is work!

They say what you see is what you get. What others see in you is what they get of you. The way you write, your body posture and outlook, your dressing, etc just work to define who you are. Have you ever wondered why some fellows will never be employed? Most peobably it is in the errors they commit as they pen their application letters. That cross in “t” or dot in “i” that you ignore to put is what might be costing them much.

Brand yourself to be the person you want others to see you to be. Be consistent. Be YOU!


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