Why Not Be A Passionpreneur??

I have been asked severally to explain what i mean by PASSIONPRENEURSHIP. Today, i took upon myself to elucidate what i mean by this principle. Apparently, it has been employed since the 13thnCentury by philosophers. Enjoy your read….?

It is said that if you want to be the best, you got to learn from the best. In my endeavour to be the best in what I do, on almost daily basis, try to read inspiration from those who have achieved the best in life. At best, it helps me to learn one or two things about circumventing pitfalls in life and becoming a success.

Take for example, Paul Pogba, the famous European Premier League player who plays for Manchester United. Late last year, he recorded the highest amount in transfer fees in football history when he moved from Italian Series A side Juventus to Old Trafford. He grossed a contract of £290,000 fee per week for five years! But if you were to look back, he used to play for Manchester United prior to moving to Juventus on a free transfer in 2012. I bet the then Manchester United Coach, Sir Alex Fergusson, did not see his value and made him be a substitute player for most of his matches. On moving to Juventus, Pogba helped the club to win four consecutive Series A cups! In 2013, he won the Golden Boy Award and followed up in 2014 with the Bravo Award and the Most Promising Player in Europe Award of all time! It is amazing how this written off character had become so valuable after being disregarded!

Another luminary who was somehow rejected severally is the worlds first and only Billionaire writer  Joanne Kathleen Rowlings famously know as J.K. Rowling. She conceptualised the ‘Harry Potter’ series of books and movies which have enabled her to earn billion-dollar grossing over a short time.  The story goes that the British novelist started out relying on state benefits after she lost her mother to multiple sclerosis. When she presented her manuscript to publishers, her first manuscript was rejected by twelve publishers. Her last publisher accepted her manuscript albeit with reluctance saying to her that she ought to have another income stream since children books would not sustainable! A decade later, alongside numerous other literary awards, J.K. Rowling was selected as Sunday Times 197th richest person in the United Kingdom. In February 2013, she was selected as ABC Radios 13th most powerful woman in the world. She is now an accomplished author and film scriptwriter all based on her manuscripts which were rejected by twelves renowned publishers.

These two just represent the struggles most entrepreneurs encounter when they try to find their footing in the turbulent world of business. In Kenya, it has been found that most businesses fail in their first five years, most probably for lack of purpose or passion in pursuit of the ventures. The underlying denominator in all these instances of success stories be it in business or employment is the factor is passion. Maybe it is time we sit back and ask ourselves why we are going into business in the first place.

Professor Jim Collins, a management guru, went out to study over one thousand four hundred dominant firms in different sectors. He sought out to discover what made these business set ups so dominant in their respective fields of operations at the exclusion of their competitors. He called this the hedgehog concept. It was initially discovered by an ancient philosopher called Isaiah Berlin who classified people into two major classes: hedgehogs and foxes.

He found out that they worked by incorporating three major components into their strategies  what they know best how to do, what they like doing and lastly, going for what gives them the highest return. He called that component which they love doing passion. Passion is without a doubt a central cog in the attainment of any objective.

It is the engine towards fulfilment of dreams and strategy. Without passion, one would be overwhelmed by challenges and obstacles that come in the way of pursuing dreams or objectives. It is what makes one to persist even when they fail. It is said that Thomas Edison failed a record one thousand times in his attempt to invent the light bulb. When asked why he never gave up, he responded that he actually never failed. He just discovered one thousand ways how not to do the light bulb!

I call these people who make passion their investment in life as they pursue their life goals, passionpreneurs. Passionpreneurs appreciate the fact that the only capital they need to achieve their goal is passion. To them, just as when currency fails, gold becomes the standard for transactions, passion is their currency of success! To them, orange is the new black to occupy the C-Suite at the corner.

Even more surprising is the realisation that all human beings were created with a drop of greatness in them. It therefore means that everyone is a candidate for success in equal measure. The difference comes in between those who toil to discover, develop and employ their passion for success, and those that sit on it and start pursuing dreams they were not destined to live. A passionpreneur discovers his strengths and employs them to achieve their life goals.

A passionpreneur knows that for him to succeed, he has to concentrate on one thing and pursue it to its conclusive end. He knows the power of focus. Ever wondered why most never succeed fully? It is because they are pursuing multiple objectives at the same time. Like a fox, they have many ways to achieve an objective and they pursue all these ways to do that. Hogs do one thing at a time and purpose to fulfil their objective regardless of the time.

Maybe I should surprise you as I conclude: passionpreneurs do not need the set qualification criteria to achieve success. They employ the passion they have to achieve their highest dreams. Take for example Kenyas highest paid employee. He is the CEO of a private equity firm. But he never attended any business school. He earns over Kes. 16.7Million per month, more than the countrys President and his Deputys monthly pay combined! You will be surprised that even the richest business person in the country himself is a passionpreneur.

The ball is in your court  you have the potential. It is upon you to make that ultimate decision to discover, develop and employ your passion to achieve your life dream. Is there a reason why you ought not be a passionpreneur? Learn for the best and be the best you can be!


The writer is the author of the best-selling classic Passionpreneurship Demystified: Powering Dreams Through Passion and Business Networking: How To Maximise on Your Contacts For Business and Personal Growth. He is also working on his third book Face The Elephant: From Customer Standards to Experience.

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