You Need Not Reinvent The Wheel!


The two most important human inventions were the investion or discovery of fire and the invention of the wheel. Human development and innovation would be stuck in an ages-old phase were it not for the existence of these two.
It cannot be said when or who invented the wheel. But one thing is for sure, the circular contraption on an axle connected to it has become a focal point and springboard of human development. Literally speaking, no development can be achieved without the involvement of the wheel! I dare anyone to mention one invention done in the near past that has not involved the wheel in any of its processes.

Being the Easter season, many are thinking of going for vacation. For them that are fans of touring Kenyan domestic sites, most probably they bumped onto Bonfire Adventures, who are organising subsidized tours for Kenyans. Actually their ad on social media stated that over 4000 of their clients went to various destinations over the Easter weekend!

The firm was started in 2007  by Simon and Sarah Kabu, a couple who met in a young professionals’ event in Nairobi. With time, they dated and became a couple, bonded by their desire to go out every weekend. Whenever they went for an outing, they would post pictures of their activities on facebook for friends to see. With time, they cultivated a following and their friends asked them to include them in their endeavours as organisers. And that is how Bonfire Adventures Events and Expeditions Limited started.

But it could not come at a worse time- as Kenya’s worst political crisis occured in 2007/2008. Secondly, they did not have capital but they chose to use a cyber to access Facebook from which they interacted with their would be clients and grow the business. As we speak, Bonfire Adventures has close to a billion shilling annual turnover, thanks to the ingenuity of the couple to employ their love for social media and travel!

Another Kenyan success story worth celebrating is that of Suzie Wokabi. A trained diplomat, she ventured into the beauty industry specialising in the African make up beauty products and produced a product line. Difficult as it was since most consumers were used to European products, she cut a niche for herself to become a leading authority in the African make up business. The trained diplomat has been the make up artist for premier shows on MNet, Tusker Project Fame series and has several fashion awards to her name. To enhance her significance in business, she was approached by Flame Tree Group for a buy over for an undisclosed amount.

And the list of Kenyan startups that have thrived out of obscurity goes on and on…but one factor underlies all these – passion. What we ought to ask ourselves is the reason why we go into business in the first place. As mentioned in an earlier article, most of us are motivated by money comoensation. If you make money your end gain, you will miss it all out.

Passion is what pushes you to wake up in the morning. Passion is what anyone would be happy to do even when there is no payment. Were it not for passion, the Kabus or Suzie Wokabi would not have seen to it that their businesses grow.

Another common trait is in these two case studies, there was no apparent re-invention. What the two did was see a need and fulfill it. It was upto them to seek ways of using the most basic of ways to fulfill a need and they were right in business. For the Kabus, they just employed their love of travel and social media to create a virtual office. For Suzie, she built her make shift manufacturing lab in her kitchen to start her off.

It therefore means that we do not need capital or revolutionary ideas to start a successful business off. Passion and a need are all you require. And that is what i refer to as a passionpreneur – a person who loves what he is doing, does what he loves and is paid handsomely for it!

The world over, it has being realised that educational qualifications especially the basic degree does not guarantee success later in life. Ernerst and Young, PWC and KPMG have removed the degree in its basic requirements for a job. This just underscores the importance of discovering, developing and employing our passions to help power the realisation of life dreams.

Do you want to start a business? Just go down on a journey to discover your passion, seek ways to employ it to fulfil a need and you are definitely in business. There is no need to re invent the wheel.

Be the Passionpreneur you were meant to be!

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The Article first appeared in the Inversk Magazine where the author is a contributing writer.  The Writer is also the author of Passionpreneurship Demystified, Business Networking, & Face The Elephant, all best-selling business books. He is also a business and personal branding coach with PBL Africa and a career finance management professional who does public speaking engagements.


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