Corporate Courses

The UpSkill Training Bouquet is our corporate bundle of training programs that are designed for corporate clients. Through this, we endeavour to help bridge the gap between set organizational objectives and the actual performance to enhance employee productivity and the overall organizational performance.

Our corporate programs are need based – we undertake to evaluate the organization’s need (Training Needs Assessment) and fashion programs as per the need with a view to fill the knowledge and skill gap. We employ a variety of knowledge and skill deployment techniques to impart the same to the target audience and thereafter, undertake assessments to ensure grasping of facts as taught.

The following are some of the courses offered under this bouquet.

Business Networking and Negotiation Skills

More than ever in this century, networking has become an indispensable skill. If done properly, it can yield results in the present and into the future. We developed this program to enable employees to take advantage of the contacts and interpersonal relationships they have for the benefit of the organization.

With networking, there would be no need for intensive investment into marketing and advertising. It therefore would greatly help the company’s bottom line through cost cutting and revenue growth. We have piggy backed this with negotiation skills, to empower employees pursue, seal deals effectively and create long term relationships with clients.



The world over, it is now being realized that motivating employees enables them to deliver better results than other ways of providing incentives. It is also cost effective over time. Research has established that there is no better way to enhance motivation than by enabling an employee to do what he enjoys best at his workplace.

Through this program, we endeavour to help employees to discover, develop and employ their passion to increase work productivity. We also target managers and business owners to facilitate them make their employees and juniors to be Passionpreneurs and leverage their passion for enhanced productivity.

The ultimate objective is to align the employees’ input in form of effort to the corporate values and hence, enable and empower them to live the company values. This ‘Connected Thinking’ principle is what makes great organizations to be what they are – great!


Personal Effectiveness for Employees

Everyone has the potential to be the best if they can work on their limitations and turn them to be advantages.

This program incorporates different philosophies to enable the average employee enhance his productivity. They are trained on how to align their vision to the organizational goals.

Indeed, systems’ thinking dictates that a deficiency in the individuals within an organization ultimately results into an underperformance of the entire entity. This program aims to mitigate this by empowering individual employees to create synergy and co-dependence at the work place and enhance efficiency and ultimately, boost productivity.

Contemporary Sales Skills

Sales is the lifeline of any enterprise. However, human demographics change with time. As such, sales strategies have to be dynamic in keeping with these modifications in tastes and preferences of the target audience.

Based on the Golden Circle Concept by Simon Sinek, PBL Africa has developed a program to help individuals seal deals effectively and hence increased and sustained sales volumes. We also train leaders on how they can employ this principle to inspire action in their juniors.  Negotiation and networking skills training are also incorporated in this course to better the quality of sales pipelines generated. Participants are also trained on how to deal with objections and effective ways to network with stakeholders to maximize on the relationships for the betterment of the organization.

Leadership, Mentorship & Coaching Skills

Front office and field operations require a skillset that would enable staff to be good brand ambassadors of the organization and its products. More than ever, employees need to confidently represent the organization in any interaction with stakeholders. Through this program, the participants are empowered with skills in leadership, mentorship and coaching. This will particularly be essential for staff in sales or social responsibility programs, and those who have been identified for internal vertical growth.

Contemporary Customer Relationship Management

Customer needs, expectations and preferences change with time and hence the need for organizations to change with the times. Under this program, the organization will be empowered to deal with challenges arising from change in the external environment – technology, customer expectations, etc. It would be important especially for those that engage clients in such fora as digital media and the front office. Participants would be trained on how to effectively meet and exceed the client’s expectations, resulting into enhanced customer loyalty.


Business Networking & Organizational Synergy

Research has established that over 98% of new-to-business sales leads are generated through networking. Nonetheless, most businesses have never properly employed this technique to grow business. An organization without synergy is largely inefficient and less effective in discharging its mandate. Through this program, participants are empowered with skills on how to co-depend on each other and create a ‘connected thinking’ mentality to enhance output volumes and quality. They are also trained on how to create linkages with stakeholders for sustainable business operations.

Personal Finance & Entrepreneurship

An employee at peace about his or her future is a valuable employee and hence is more reproductive and motivated. It is important that salaried employees ensure that their hard earned income works for them. Regrettably, many do not know how best to let their money work for them and grow their net worth to ensure financial security upon retirement. Through this program, participants are trained on various options available to pursue as investments and how to go into business as an alternative income source. The course also involves skills and techniques to avoid unnecessary debt and how best to manage personal debt and borrowing.

Public Speaking Skills

Any organization that deals with the public ensures its staff are adequately enabled to interact and communicate effectively and sell the organization’s agenda. Public speaking empowers the participants with the skills required to hook their audience, plan their talks effectively and techniques to deliver the message home.


Speaking Engagements

We also accommodate requests for speaking engagements along the above lines for groups of people on the above and other topics of interest.