Individual Courses

We affirm our belief that SMEs play an integral part in Kenya’s and even Africa’s economy. In Kenya for instance, over 90% of employment opportunities created annually are attributed to this vital sector. They contribute to slightly over 98% of the country’s annual GDP.

In order to take their brands to even greater success, entrepreneurs therefore need to be able to develop and communicate the values which distinguish their business from any other. We’re here to help them achieve this.

Through our programs we aim at:

  1. Empowering clients to formulate business ideas
  2. Build implementable business models from ideas
  3. Helping entrepreneurs understand and identify with their unique personal brand
  4. Helping our clients maximize on their personal brand and profitize them.
  5. Helping entrepreneurs create and establish their marketing identities and niche.
  6. Enhancing their market penetration and entrenching business sustainability through effective sales.
  7. Empowering entrepreneurs forge strong partnerships with stakeholders for business sustainability.


Passion to Profit Online Masterclass Course

A lot of us have ideas that we think would make great businesses. Regrettably, the majority of us never do anything with those ideas. Maybe it’s because we are really happy with our jobs, maybe it is because we are not confident that our ideas would really work. Or maybe it’s simply because we do not know where to start.

This “Passion to Profit: How to Monetize Your Hobby and Be a Passionpreneur” online coaching program was designed with this kind of people in mind to help them transform their passion or talent into a sustainable income stream.  It will make them cease from being a mere ‘passion carrier’ to a passionpreneur at their convenience.

The program draws its lessons from real life case studies, recent business start-up research and entrepreneurship gurus.  With supportive learning materials conveniently availed at the fingertips, a support system of fellow participants and the experienced business coach, one is guaranteed to succeed in their quest to set up a sustainable enterprise.

And yeah, it guarantees to train you on how to start off even with minimal or no capital! Besides this, one is guaranteed to be trained on:

  • How to conceptualize a business idea
  • How to transform your idea into a viable business model
  • How to Operationalize your business model into an actual business
  • How to successfully launch your business and ensure take off
  • How to leverage networks and contacts for business growth
  • How to create and leverage mentorship relationships, sales and marketing, etc.

Apart from the above, we will offer free one-on-one coaching with our experienced business coach to walk you through your journey and enlist you into our ‘Passion Mastermind Group’ of like-minded entrepreneurs. In addition, we will complement the course with our free world class business publications!

You feel like you are the candidate for this?  Contact us by hitting the button below and we will enroll you into the upcoming cohort of Passionpreneurs in the making!