Business Mentorship Training for Cytonn eHub Season 2 in 2017

Cytonn Investments Plc. runs an entrepreneurship programme to empower nascent entrepreneurs to be sustainable aptly named the Cytonn eHub. Last year, PBL Africa’s Lead Coach was part of the business mentors under Cytonn eHub season 2 and he took the participants through the topic “How to Build a Brand for Your Business.

Apart from the right people, a business’ most valuable asset is its brand. And hence, stressing on this, he elaborated how to go about finding your niche as an entrepreneur, defining your brand and how to develop it. He further coached the participants through the steps involved in building awareness of their brand and leveraging it to get enhanced market traction. Season 3 of the Cytonn eHub is destined to take place in the course of this year. Apart from being a business mentor at Cytonn eHub, he is a regular contributing writer for the Cytonn Corporate Blog.

Author: pblafrica
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