Passionpreneurship Demystified: Powering Dreams Through Passion seeks to explain how individuals can put this value system of passionpreneurship to work and achieve their life dreams. The book borrows heavily from success stories in the business and corporate world to explicitly elucidate how passion can be harnessed and employed for individual and corporate success. It goes into detail on a case by case basis, to dissect into the lives of luminaries like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, J.K. Rowlings, Suzie Wokabi Sarah and Simon Kabu and the likes that are successes in their own right, and illuminates their common bond that enabled them to excel and achieve their dreams.

In addition, it goes ahead and demonstrates how employers and managers in businesses and firms can encourage the application of passionpreneurship among their employees to enhance business performance. Additionally, it elucidates how an individual can harness passion and transform it into a sustainable business, which is referred to as Passionpreneurship. If your desire is to discover your talent and understand how to harness it and transform it into profit, this is the book to have!

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